Hi Everyone, and WELCOME to The Writing Fairy website. I'm Dorothea Helms, freelance writer, poet, book author, fiction dabbler, writing instructor, keynote speaker, humorist, wife, mother and slave to my English Bulldog, Margaret. My website is undergoing a facelift, boob lift, liposuction, weight loss program ... wait a minute - those are things I need personally. Sheesh. But my website IS in transition after being neglected for a LONG time. My goal is to inspire writers; my method humour (or humor in the U.S.). Enjoy!

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Today is the Ontario Writers’ Conference, and I’m honoured to be emcee. Looking forward to an invigorating day!

Starting April 2, 2013, I’ll be teaching a six-week course called “Outrageous Writing” at Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge, Ontario. This course is designed for writers who have enough self-confidence to try anything – and I mean ANYTHING – to inspire their creativity. I have some fun and wacky exercises and homework assignments prepared, and as usual, I intend for us to have a lot of fun in class. Find out more at www.blueheronbooks.ca.

New Simile

My memory is as elusive as Justin Bieber on a British stage.

I own a grow-your-own gnome kit and a grow Jesus kit with a mini Bible. What does that say about me?


ATTENTION ALL WRITERS: A great way to feel invigorated is to enter writing contests. The benefits include a deadline kick-in-the-butt, a creative outlet and potential financial winnings and exposure if you win. On Saturday, February 23, 2013, Ruth Walker and I are offering our popular “Write to Win” workshop again. Designed to increase your chances of rising to the top of the pile with contest judges, this all-day session is jam packed with fun exercises and great information.

Ruth and I are both seasoned contest winners. We’ve both judged local, national and international contests, and we’ve run contests ourselves. This workshop grew out of a conversation we had about how many writers do things that get them eliminated from the running early on in the judging process. Come join us for a fun- and information-filled day and find out how you can polish your writing and engage in practices that will help you close in on the winning prize.

Seriously – this workshop is a LOT of fun!

We’re holding the workshop at Trent University’s Oshawa Campus. The session runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The fee is $110 (see website for info on writing organization discount). To register, visit www.writescape.ca

Come on – you know you wanna!