Dorothea Helms

Owner: Write Stuff Writing Services, The Writing Fairy®

Miscellaneous Writing

Beautiful Beginnings magazine, “Say YES to Your Perfect Dress,” Fall/Winter 2012 feature article

Windfire Anthology, Ascent Aspirations Magazine’s second print issue, 2006 poem “I Am”

CSI: Miami Board Game 2005, Contributing Writer

Homemakers “The First Time I Saw Paris” feature article, May 2005 issue

Scarlett “Women on the Job” feature article, February/March 2004 issue

Muskoka Novel Writing Marathon, Huntsville, July 12 – 14, 2003 (completed a novel in 59 hours to help raise money for The Muskoka Literacy Council

The Globe and Mail “Facts & Arguments” – The Gift of Words, January 7, 2003

CBC Radio 1 – “First Person Singular” segment Morning Show broadcast September 2, 2002 – Out of the Mouths of Husbands

lichen literary journal. Poem – “Rake.” Spring 2002 issue

Chatelaine Speaking of Bespoke. May, 2002 issue

Toronto Sun Special Sections – Ongoing articles for Career Connection, DriverSource

Saturday and other special sections, 1999 to 2008 (Education articles, Top of the Trades, Dream Careers, Stars on Wheels, etc.)

Today’s Homes. York Region Newspaper Group bi-weekly housing section – main feature writer 1996 to present.

At Home in York Region. York Region Newspaper Group lifestyle magazine – feature writer as well as editor. May, 2001 to 2003.

HERE in Durham Region, lifestyle magazine – new home builder articles, 2002

Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Report: Recognizing Schizophrenia for What it Really Is: A Call to Action (1998)

Women and Rural Economic Development, promotional profile package entitled   The Passion and the Plan, October, 1997

City of Oshawa Web site – 22 information articles, October – November, 1997

WREDletter (newsletter for Women and Rural Economic Development). Seeing    Stars. October, 1997 issue

Inklings (online newsletter for writers

Various articles on writing topics, 1997

Herizons.  Muscle Myth. 1994

The Globe and Mail Facts & Arguments: Where Have All the Gertrudes Gone?  Nov. 18, 1994

“Roller Coaster” (Toronto School of Business newsletter) – several health-related, profile and humor articles, 1993 to 1994

Press releases, newsletters, reports and marketing materials for various businesses, organizations, special interest groups and individual new home builders


Award-winning Dorothea Helms is an internationally published writer, editor and popular writing instructor.